Procedural gradient sphere tile


how can i make a messy gradient sphere tile procedural in blender eevee easily?


does anyone have a tutorial?

Could you show an example of what you are trying to achieve. The description is too cryptic.

with the edge of the softer circles

and with more blanks between the circles

Like this?

or this

Thanks a lot for the help

one more doubt :
can i apply this tree in 3d and 2d?

You mean on a 3d model? sure.If you make procedural texture for 3D you have to use 3D in the first selector from the texture node (as you can see on the posted examples).This way the noise tex etc. is calculated in 3D.
With 2D on a 3D model you would get a streched tex look on the sides.
For 2D,2D would be enough.

does anyone know if there is a tiles node (with random) ready for blender?

how do i place a procedural texture of a circle gradient inside the brick in the procedural brick texture?

like this?

you did not understand

I want a gradient circle in the middle of each brick
it’s possible


do you have a example pic?

only with circle

do you have any idea how i can do this?

Thank you for your help

I actually wanted to do this with: gradient texture.
and randomize the position and size (in x / y) of the circle.

Unfortunately I do not think you can map a texture individually to each brick (I wish you could!).

With brick tricks there is the rounded corners option and you can get a circular gradient for each brick from that by cranking up the feather slider. To randomize the size of the bricks I think the best option is to play with the global vectors. I have tried to do a stone wall like this before.

Brick tricks is free an add-on you can look it up It gives you a few more possibility for brick patterns and shapes.


Maybe @DNorman has the best solution.Its not that easy to me to get this right.I think this is a case for Erindale who is a expert with very complex node setups.

However here another build,not with gradient but with good old voronoi.If you want to make boulderbricks.

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do you have a link to this brick node?

I searched a lot and didn’t find

Brick trick is by LazyDodo

There is a link to github in the first post.