procedural irregular stone/brick wall texture

@ace dragon & @ion8: it’s all there, just hidden in an OSL include file :slight_smile: I wrote down something to experiment with, it’s dead easy.


– Michel.

PS> Mind you, I do agree wihth Ion8 that distortion gets you only so far and voronoi noise might not be very helpful for this particular issue

@varkenvarken … nice work guy… I also saw your hexagon OSL script… man I have got to start doing some scripting work here at some point… done in before… in other programs… just haven’t tried it yet in blender…

This kind of procedural material might be easier to create with the new volume shader. Here’s the basic idea, maybe somebody else could make it look good : )

volume is not yet in the standard blender
only on a special SVN!
and wont be included before a while i guess!

happy bl

just tried the above volumetric shader in B2.71… I kinda half works…