Procedural landscape crashing Blender Internal and not showing in Cycles

I think I found my first real major bug in Blender! :slight_smile:

proclandscape.blend (513 KB)

I have been experimenting with generating procedural landscapes while still being able to control the topology and landscape features in a non-destructive manner, and this file renders properly in 2.63 and Cycles, but the displacement is not showing in the latest 2.66.

In one of the latest builds 55981 (64 bit from Graphicall) it not only will not render properly in Cycles, but will also crash Blender internal.

So what changed between 2.63 and 2.66 that creates an issue for Cycles and this scene?

You might try the same test with a recent build from
That could help you rule out a Graphicall build problem.

Read my post carefully: I tested this in the official 2.66 build (which does not work in Cycles), as well as 2.63 (works) and a more recent graphicall build (which does not work in either Cycles or Internal).

Shrinkwrap is a funny modifier. If your requirement is that the scene remain procedural, your can move the Shrinkwrap to the bottom of the modifier stack to preserve this requirement otherwise, just convert it to a mesh and it works fine. You should set the subsurfs on the Cube to equal values. You have the viewport set to 6 and Render set to 2. So you will lose resolution upon render with this kind of setup. You may also want to set the resolution on the profile curve to equal values as well. I have never trusted that 0 for render, especially when used with Shrinkwrap. I have reported more than one bug with Shrinkwrap only to be told that is just the way it works.

Here is an image with the Shrinkwrap moved to bottom of the stack. Some slight changes occur with the new stacking order, but you may be able to re-adjust the texture driving the displace to compensate. I get no crashes when I render Blender Internal or Cycles using build 2.66.3 r55459 from graphicall with equal subsurf values of 4.


Yes, I am aware I have to set equal values for viewport/rendering in the subd, and correct the u/v numbers for the splines. This was merely a quick test file to put online. And true: I can always convert to a mesh before rendering. But all of this is besides the point!

What I am concerned about is that this file renders properly in 2.63 (see pic below), and it does not in the current version.

Conclusion: THIS IS A BUG and it should be fixed.

“slight chances”, you write? I beg to differ: it completely destroys the intended result. That is why I set up the modifier stack as I did.

I loaded that blend on r56175 (window 32bits) from the buildbot , pressed the Blender Internal render button/F12 and it does not crash.
Can’t say for Cycles as i don’t use it.

Your preachin’ to the choir here. Just report it then.

Thanks, I will. Sorry if I came across as too harsh - did not mean it that way. I was just a bit frustrated.