Procedural Lemon Material Cycles + EEVEE

This is a material I used my project Lemon Boy ( )
I put it up on Gumroad for a $1 but here( super-sour ) is the code to get it for FREE!!! My goal is to eventually have a collection of materials for sale, so let me know what I can do to make this better for your uses!
ArtStation (No Discount Available):


Looks great in Cycles.
I think you should try it on a lemon model it will give you a better perspective on the material.

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Here is a character I made using it.


Is so TANGY!

Thank you! Iā€™m glad you like it!

That is one oddly specific shader

Guess you need a lot of lemons

Lol, nah I used it to create my Lemon Boy ( render and when i created him I wanted to make the material procedural for future use.