Procedural material WIP by Blender

I am challenging to make a female face only with Blender.

Materials are all procedures, including skin and eyeballs.

I am creating a mask with VertexColor.

I am relieved that the number of nodes is small.

I will add more pores.


what a beautiful work !
the face is perfectly formed,
thank you for this performance

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Thank you.
I would like to make this work better.
I’ll do my best.

Very nice. I can see the huge advantage of a procedural skin texture, as painting a human skin texture is hard. Are you thinking of releasing this shader?

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nice work !!!

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(I use Google Translate)
Thank you.
I think procedural material is very important.
I will disclose the material if there is demand.
I can not make a promise, but I would like to announce it if it is distributed.

Thank you!

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