Procedural Metal Texture

I was looking for a good procedural metal texture, one that looks more real and dirty. But I couldn’t find anything really so I decided to make my own.

Here it is:

What I really want/need is something that looks dirty/grungy, not so rusted though that may come later. Then I plan to UV map paint/decal textures inbetween the procedurals. Which is what the warning stripes in the images are from.

I was hoping for some pointers, surely I can’t be the only one who’s ever messed around with this kinda texture.

nice material.

I think the stripes on it look good, it gives a more construction site feel to it.

I made a procedural metal texture before it’s quite simple to get nice results, I wont show a pic though without your agreement as this is your thread.

No, by all means go ahead. I posted this in an effort to learn from others.

Would be interested in your settings as well if you feel like sharing. I will have to post my own, was trying to use a spec ramp on this but not sure if it is needed really.

can you place the dll maybe here

can i test with it

and maybe make a image or an movie

yeah sure.

Thanks Sonic TH

.blend file:


Hey thanks for sharing Alex_G, looks interesting. Hope you don’t mind if I tinker with it abit?

I should point out I started the one I did by tweaking the rusty steel from Blender Materials Database:

It’s a cool resource, wish they had more stuff though.

Only thing I kept the same was the environment map.

Here is the blend file:

yeah sure, do whatever you want with it

Anyone care to share their metal procedurals???

It would seem all the above links are hosed…



Sonic TH, that texture looks really cool. Could you post your settings?