Procedural Muck texture on a Spaceship

Hi, trying my damndest to get some loooking a bit like edge wear in eevee and sort of got something but really not quite but does look sort of cool. Its a really inefficient material, but looks good(ish).

These renders are SUPPOSED to look like miniatures

The ship is for a black and white short film, but couldn’t resist doing a colour version.

Not the most complicated of node trees, but complicated for me. There is an ambient occlusion node in there which really bumps up the render time. The whole thing now takes 30s in Eevee!

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Actually its the bump setup I have that kills the render times. Oops.

could be use on other things too
can you share a sample file

nodes it very large would be faster to work with

try it on some small land scape may be

happy bl