Procedural neon sign (red)

Today, I put the new string system to the test, and created a dynamic neon text system.

I was inspired by Ian Hubert’s neon signs, and decided to make an automatic system for future projects.

The line fill was created using raycast on a group of lines, deleting hit geometry, and converting to curves. Then the endpoints were then moved downwards to curve the tubes properly. The cables might be better done with catenary curves, but the current random offset is sufficient for me.

I love this system, and will be using it in many projects.

This time, I did not focus much on making the render look pretty, as I spent more time creating a reusable system. There are a few things I need to brush up, (and some things that simply aren’t in blender yet) but I’d like to wrap this up for now and revisit it after nodevember.

Feedback is always welcome!


This looks awesome!
Are you planning to share how you’ve done it? Or….make it available for purchase perhaps? :slight_smile:


Right now, my tree is a bit of a mess:


In December, I plan to clean some of these up, and maybe release some of them as 3.0 example files.

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