Procedural non-spherical atmosphere node help


I need a little help building a node setup for this procedural volumetric atmosphere effect.
I’ve got the basic effect and gradient down but I’m a little stuck when it comes to how to control the density and/or basic strength of the effect.

This is what I’ve got so far.
Any advice would be quite excellent,

If anyone wants the displacement map feel free to yoink it.

You’ll want a purely volumetric scattering shader. I’d try combining 3 (one red, one green, one blue) to better mix anisotropies. Red will be strongly positive, green will be slightly negative, and blue will be slightly positive. For render speed-ups, I would mix it with an absorption shader for shadow rays, and use a vertically aligned gradient shader to make the density shift toward zero as it gets higher up. Unfortunately, this does require heterogenous volumes for that last part.

Ah okie dokie then.
Could I trouble you for an example of the node setup you’d build for such things? I apologise, I’m still rather green when it comes to the more complex shader setups.