Procedural pancreas texture

Hi guys

I’m completely new to procedural textures, using cycles baking and so forth. Loving just the small hint of power you can get with it though. I’m trying to produce a texture similar to that of the human pancreas, so something like this

I’ve been playing around with node setups I’ve seen but can’t really get anywhere close to what I’m looking for, here’s an example…

I should say that I’m going to be baking the texture in Cycles, creating a normal map with it and exporting it to a game engine, so really all I need is the basic underlying pattern. I can create the bump using Shadermap to create a normal map afterwards.

Any advice appreciated!

the most important thing with a material such as this is sub surface scattering.

Thanks Modron

I’ll be using it in Unity so will be difficult to achieve. Ultimately if I can get a similar look in terms of lines & crevices, and add some bump w a normal map I’d be very happy!