procedural question.

Is there a way to make procedural textures say on the place they are? I have rigged a guy, and when he deforms, eg when he bows over, the procedurals seem to move. Is there a way to solve that? The ‘glob’ and ‘stick’ texturing modes don’t give any texture output at all or they blend two colors together that I used for the procedurals.

I hope the uestion is a bit clear. :slight_smile:

Try mapping the texture with an empty. Make the empty follow (vertex parent?) your character as he bows and the texture should stay in place.

Have fun
Brian J

Thanks, but that will be quite difficult too. The arms and the body are made of the same material. With using an empty, there will still be problems when for example he moves his arm too.

Maybe there is a way to ‘bake’ your textures on the model ?

If there’s no solution I will probably go for UVmapping, but that’s become so boring :smiley:

You could use the UV coordinates with procedural textures. Instead of Orco mapping, you’d set it to UV mapping, but you could still use the procedural texturing on the material.

What you could do is make the texture coordinates sticky. Just press the Make button next to sticky in the Edit buttons window and switch all the mapping to Sticky instead of Orco.


Thanks Ripsting, I’ll try that.
Thznks Theeth. Didn’t know about that ‘make’ button. I will try that too.

Both methods don’t seem to work. :frowning: