procedural rock and plant

Procedural model of rock and plant with Blender2.5.

Blend file is here. ( 82KB / for Blender2.5Alpha0 )

Make simple form mesh,then it become procedurally displace,bump,colored as rock.
Face select group emits hair as plants.

Used soft shadow sun light,raytrace AO,Atmosphere render and Texture-node.
So the rendering is a bit heavy.



Very nice, thx for sharing.

Add a pond, few tress to your model i see a nice scenery.

thanks for sharing!

That’s amazing!

wow, great job !

Very Good !

inspiring. Thanks for sharing :smiley:

Cool and simple, great job.

Nice work on the plant life. The model looks like it’s begging to be used in an animation.

  • Floyd

Very good, and this all being procedural displacement and no modeling skill needed.

Show this to the Durian team, they could use procedural techniques like this to pack more detail into the movie more quickly.

as much as i dislike using procedurals, i gotta say this is really really good
nice work!

That’s really amazing procedural work. Many thanks for the .blend !

Nice technique!! thanks for sharing :smiley:

Your great Blender skills are always surprising me.
Thanks for sharing the blend.

WOW amazing! Blender should include examples and shared .blends like this in it’s future releases , it would help a lot to beginners … and every one else.

Nice! :smiley: I AM a big fan of procedurals.

Hmm…anyone else get a crash on exit?

Press Render
Press ESC
Exit Blender = Crash on 28523.

Hi, thanks for share, i like so much the effect done in compositor, but its too slow for render because the terrain has many polygons, i guess.
and if i try to delete the particle system blender collapses, may you upload a simpler scene with that effect, i love the colors.

thanks in advance.

wow! thats niiice!!
thx for sharing!