Procedural Rock Texturing?

Recently I watched a very good tutorial on procedural rock texturing. Here is the video below:

For some reason, however, the texture will look flat whenever I append it to another blender file. It’ll look more like this instead (be sure to view in rendered view):

So what am I changing or doing wrong that makes it look like this:


Instead of this?


Here is a link to the original texture:

I suspect you need to enable Experimental features for Cycles in the new scene in order for the displacement to work.



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That seemed to somewhat help, but It’s still a bit off… any tips for how you might go about trying to replicate the texture shown in the beginning of the video?

Here is my current result:

Just pay attention to his setup in the first few minutes of the video. He’s using micro-displacement which requires that you have subdivision surface modifier(s) on the object, with one having the Adaptive option selected, plus the associated Render Properties setting(s) he tweaks.

With the subdiv modifiers, your original mesh does not need to have all that detail (probably manual subdivide operations) that you’ve given yours.

Nice! My computer could probably handle it better off the modifier was there, but not applied. Is that possible?

For the subdiv modifier you can set the view level to something different than the render level, and all modifiers can be set to be used during render but not show in the viewport, etc. And you can hide things you’re not currently working on through the Outliner, so you have lots of control over this.