Procedural Rock Wall/Procedural Rock texture

I’ve been working on procedural rocks, using Wall Factory + various subdivision and displace modifiers.
And procedural textures, all of the shown textures have no images, are creating using cycles nodes.
I will post more and a screen shot of some node setups

Here is the latest one, I am most happy with.

I reversed the color ramp, simply flipped the green from higher to lower, and now you get the flat parts instead of the corners

What inspired you to use that Normal+Voronoi combination? I mean, why do you you used that instead of a let’s say, Voronoi*Pointiness?

really nice stuff! Can I have some info on your workflow? I am interested! :slight_smile:

Your questions really have the same answer, actually. It’s somewhat of a trial-and-error process.
I was already experimenting with the wall factory add on and using subdivision + cloud textures to displace it, so it was natural that I wanted to use generated textures to map it as well.

I did start with an idea in mind, you can see in the first two images I was going for a layered look, but I wasn’t too pleased, and in the process of randomly connecting nodes I ended up with a semi-moss-like look.

Since the wall is a single mesh, Position vector would affect it as a whole, giving a spotted look, and since I didn’t want to use UV mapping, I had to find a vector that was based on the individual geometry, and I ended up at Normal.

I didn’t yet have the noise texture node mixed with it, that was about the last thing to add some detail.