Procedural rocks, mountains and trees - any tutorials ?

I need to render something like these:


So I figured I could model base mesh and then displace it procedurally. Final render doesn’t have to look like a photo per se, could be slightly more stylized (but on the realistic side).

Are there any tutorials about setting up procedural materials to create such rocks?

Also looking into a way to make those tress / foliage without spending too much time modeling all that. Can you recommend any tricks / hints ?



For the models, you can model the base shape and then change the rest using the Displace modifier, though you will need a texture to displace with. You can use the Bake function to use a Cycles texture if need be. As for learning how to do it, I’m not sure, but I bet with experimentation you can figure it out, and you’ll learn more in the process than you would with a tutorial teaching you that exact thing. For the trees, Blender comes with a built-in generator called Sapling and there is also a good commercial addon called The Grove. You can generate a couple of trees/shrubs and then randomize their size and orientation with a particle system.

a few proc rocks out there
check out blendswap for ideas
and here on forum or blendernation

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