Procedural Rotation After Scaling?

So I have this Voronoi pattern that I’ve elongated by upping the X-scale in the mapping node. Just what I’m looking for, except the elongation is parallel to the x-axis, and I’d like it at a bit of an angle – none of the rotation axises in the mapping node do it, but I thought if I put another mapping node after it and rotate that I’d get rotation after the scaling was done. Didn’t work, and I can’t figure out why.

Can anyone recommend how to get the effect I’m looking for?

Scale-Rotation_Question.blend (866.9 KB)

You can get the pattern to rotate if you put the rotation before scaling. I don’t know why you haven’t done it in the first place, am I understanding what you are trying to achieve wrong? You can either use a mapping node or vector rotate node before the mapping node you use for scaling.


Yep, I’m an idiot – that did exactly what I was looking for, thanks! :+1: