Procedural scratches on edges - how?

I am looking into automating texture creating process and it would be nice to be able to setup diffuse material (texture) and either use a textures of scratches or procedural textures to be used as a mask over the edges of the model. Probably could use another texture mask that defines distribution and size/intensity of the scratches. Once set and tweaked to look appropriately, I’d just bake it to a texture for final in-game model.

I would be also nice to use the same setup and bake out only textures of scratches to be used as gloss/specularity map.

Has anyone made a set up before to create scratches on the edges and adjacent surfaces? Thanks.

saw a Vcol script to add noise on edges !
any good

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I am not sure whether you asking me if I saw that script and if it’s any good, or telling me to look at that script and that it does the job. :stuck_out_tongue:

If latter, care to provide a link for it?

My concern is that vertex color is not suitable for low poly models and too slow to paint over high poly models. That’s why procedural way is how it should be done.

Addons call Worn edges

but you can mix this with other proc textures or image scratches and make a node group!

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I see. Thanks.

Apparently people in its thread suggest the same - no good for low poly. Worn edges thread led me to OSL thread with some script that detects edges, but apparently it doesn’t work anymore.

So I am wondering about a way doing without OSL scripts or add-ons, to avoid Blender’s curse to have broken stuff with every other new release.

So, Didn’t anyone need to implement something similar ?

check Elub site or ask him he may have seen something for that !

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OSL stuff still works here.
You can use suggested by RickyBlender vertex color Dirt by temporarily increasing resolution of your mesh, painting vertex colors and baking this as a map. Then undo mesh changes.

Pretty cool @eppo. So I take it as it’s not possible to get it done with standard Blender’s nodes?