Procedural + sculptable terrain

Things I have done since the video are sculpt down and flatten.

It seems like the terrain gets sharp mountains that pop up in it where there not supposed to be.

Yeah I fixed that issue. I’m not sure why but for some reason when the mouse was moved quickly it happened. I fixed it by taking the minimum value of two values to restrain that.

Are you going to post another video of that.

Yeah once I get some more done.

Are you going to remake every mans sky with this?

Probably lol

Spherical or flat terrain this time?

I’m thinking flat but wrapping the tiles into a sphere. (Over a large scale)

You could use dynamic terrain loading like in this link.Then have gravity affect the player amd other things on the terrain tile your on.

Yeah I will have the tiles added initially in a small radius around the player. When the player moves, I will check if the greatest distance from the player to any tile is < some number and if it is, I will add a new batch of tiles.

I can’t wait to see more.