Procedural Sneks [Free Material Download]

Hey there,
I made something again.
A lot more work actually went into this project than I intended, but I’m really happy with the results.

I created a procedural, randomizable scales texture (nodegroup) with different useful inputs and outputs for pbr texturing.
To show it off I made studies on different types of snake scales. Here they are in all their glory:

Visit the Artstation project for a few more shots:

The nodegroup comes in a blend file with the 3 example scales shaders plus a generic one for you to adapt:


You can get it here, for free:

A lot of work went into this, so a donation for the file is hugely appreciated, but don’t worry about it if you can’t afford it :slight_smile:

It is not that simple to use, but I found it to be pretty powerful and flexible. Here is an example of aging roof tiles I put together with it in about an hour:

It works great with preview in Eevee as you can see here:


I hope you enjoy it and can make use of it :slight_smile: Btw… Nobody look inside the nodegroup… it’s emberassingly messy :smiley:



this is really amazing :slight_smile: !!!

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Congratulations! You have done a brilliant work here. It’s clever and beautiful. Thanks for sharing

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Amazing work yet again man. Just bought it, sorry I can’t donate more. Bought Knittr last week too. Keep it up. Definitely doing good for the community. I’ll be sure to mention when I get around to using it in a project.


Wow good job :raised_hands:t6::raised_hands:t6:
Please can you explain how to use the adjust scale shape ?? Sorry i try by myself but its quit hard


@ajwhyles That’s great, thanks a lot! Don’t worry about the amount, even a small tip is much-appreciated :slight_smile:

@Ziaad Yes, it is not that straight forward to find out. You can adjust the scale shape by opening the ‘scale shape’ nodegroup with selecting it and pressing TAB. In there you find an RGB Curve node, with which you can adjust the shape of the individual scales.
The scale shape nodegroup is linked inside the main nodegroup that gives you the texture outputs.

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Thanks for yor work

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Please how to align the material with the shape of our model ? And how do you do to have such as good displacement ? I try but it deforms the model in a different way
Sorry my english is not good at all

There is a render i made

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Wow, your knowledge of materials must be insane to achieve such results using procedural techniques!


wow . this is amazing…

Much Node Force in this young man I feel !

Jarek D (DJ)

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@Ziaad For alignment you need to uv unwrap the mesh. The easiest way would be to use a modifier on a straight tube to follow a bezier curve fore the snake. You can also use the snake-rings provided in the scene (import curve+mesh). For displacement I suggest using microdisplacement (experimental render mode + adaptive subsurf modifier) or turning it off completely by cutting the connection to avoid artifacts.

@BlenderRens not exactly insane :smiley: I’m using mostly math nodes to get my patterns:)

@garagefarm Thanks, Broda :slight_smile:


Thanks i will try your advise :raised_hands:t6::raised_hands:t6::raised_hands:t6::raised_hands:t6:

I’m restricted from Artstation, can you post a download link here?

I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

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@bartv Oh, nice! Thanks Bart :slight_smile:

@GDHPrinter I assume you mean Gumroad. Here is an alternative Link!ArPlWcH5y-p_j94IOSzwWOMSbc1z7Q

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You’re #featured! :+1:

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How does the shader networks look like?

That is amazing. Thanks for posting.

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Thanks for all your hard work on this and sharing with the community. Your materials look great! Very useful too.

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im gonna use this on a robot!