Procedural Space

The Spacestation and the crates are fully procedural, just couple toruses and couple boxes.

I added small simple spaceships (not procedural) for the story, I guess I could have made them as procedural too, maybe next time. The background is a modified image.

I used Eevee for the render.

Here is the crate


Pretty cool! :+1:

I like the close-up on that crate… makes me think of a far future Borg cube.

Wow! That looks amazing! I wish I could do something that good.

I am glad that you liked it. My point of making this was not about the meshes/details themselves(hence the procedural take), but the shape language. You can do even better than this, as long as you focus on your shapes and improve your understanding of them.

The picture is basically a donut shot :slight_smile:

Nice work… :grinning:

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