Procedural suns corona shader help

Hi, friends, i need to recreate the sun´s corona with procedural shader nodes, but i am not good at all with that, i think its easy task, but i really dont know how to achieve, please anyone, can help me, i need to do something like this picturecorona solar

thanks all

Try this: An eclipse scene

This is not easy task. Possible methods:

1.) Paint texture on Photosop etc. and use on circle mesh.

2.) Use particles with Glow.

I did that for a project I worked on earlier this year, see the sixth picture here.
If you are satisfied with the result, I can share the .blend file.

oh man, thats very close, can you share the blend, please? thanks very much

Here is the file: solar flares.blend (738.5 KB)
Keep in mind that the render was done in 2.79, you will get different results in later versions.
I considered making a tutorial at some point, but I figured out there was no interest in procedural solar eclipses (after all I’ve never seen a solar eclipse in a render, let alone a procedural one). If I can make it better, I might reconsider this option.


I thought about this the other day and my idea was to use something like the 3d voronoi texture with a volumetric emission shader.

Whilst this does work - I couldnt get to look streaky as what i’d need to do is scale the texture from the centre of the sphere outwards and I couldn’t figure out a way to make this possible.

thanks friend, thats amazing, a tutorial its a great idea. thanks again

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