Procedural Terrain and Objects

I recently joined the Cookie sight. (I don’t even know what to call it. CGCookie?) Anyhow, I mostly joined it for Blender Cookie, but I only found one tutorial having to do with procedural generation, and it was for modeling rocks procedurally in 3dsMax.

Anyone have any idea where I should start looking to apply procedural generaiton techniques to Blender?

If its just for In blender animation or render, then you can use the same technique on Plane as well.
You can use a plane, make it bit large, subdivide it. Add a subdivision modifier and displacement modifier. Use noise texture in displace modifier and lower the strength. you’ll have sort of uneven procedural terrain for your animation or shoot. If you want, you can use sculpt as well (before adding modifiers for better results).

Sorry I was so long in checking back. It seems as a new user my stuff is moderated rather heavily and I forgot this was here. =)

No, I was more thinking of it in terms of the Blender Game Engine.

I haven’t used BGE ever, so i cannot help you with it. but i think, same will apply for it as well.