procedural texture generator


can anybody recommend a good procedural texture generator for win or mac?

I googled a bit but the selection I found was not so convincing.


libnoise: Don’t know much about it but it’s what I found

MapZone is a fantastically powerful procedural texture generator that is free to use. In order to get access to the api so that textures can be generated realtime by games etc. you have to pay (save on game file size by generating the textures procedurally rather than saving loads of large images). The free version is fully functional and you can save out textures in different formats, auto-generate normal maps, etc.

The learning curve is steep, but there are some tutorials about. Worth taking a look at even if you don’t end up using it.

What FunkyWyrm said. ProFX is pretty simple but very powerful.

Their documentation sucks, though. I recommend that if you want to figure it out, the best way is by recreating or examining their existing presets

FilterForge is one I was looking at, while commercial.
I am surprised to see how many software disappeared.
Years ago when I used them, before I had a camera and scanner there were
many oft them to use.

I had one for mac which used layers and fractal filters to generate stunning results.

Well, MaPZone looks pretty decent, but seems to be very complex duh …

ProFX is outdated now, this is the succesor to that program made by the same company and is supposed to be a bit more powerful than ProFX and MapZone if you have the money.

I was a beta tester of Substance. Had to sign NDA and everything. So I guess I can’t tell you anything about my experience with it? :wink:

I’ve used MaPZone for a while but right now I find that the Blender/3dCoat combo is more than everything I’d ever wanted for textures. Much more. It doesn’t make sense to use procedurals when you have Blender + 3dCoat.

wasn’t darktree the big one from a few years ago?

oho the good old darktree yes I remember

well what I am looking for is a system with which you can make tiles, wood, and fabric patters fast.
3d coat seems to be a decent 3d painter ala body paint and modeling system like mode and zbrush

Wood Workshop is free and you can make wood and tile patterns with it. Its big brother is Genetica, much more powerful but expensive.

peacock? node based pattern editing tool… in flash!

alternatively there’s pattern generation based on photoref, like imageSynth:

blender texture nodes and py nodes could do the job right ?

They would be enough in case the procedural system in Blender would be more comparable to a node system and I would be able to code pynodes which I am not.

That peacock looks very interesting . their other solutions are not that impressive.
Peacock however is for a flash application stunningly deep and offers many tools.

One of the words you find in that site address for the flash app. causes that webpage to be blocked on my computer, so I can’t judge if Peacock is good quality or not.

Dude, Peacock is a bird.

Not that, the last 4 letters in Peacock, the web filter sees it and blocks the page.


sorry for that, most apps on their website are ultra light versions of gimp and inkscape.
not really that strong, but impressive because it is all made within flash.

however peacock is very impressive. it does not feel like a flash application.