Procedural Texture headache

Hi all, first a quick hello, I’m new here, new to Blender and have already lost all my hair :confused:
I’m getting to grips with lots of new and exciting things within Blender but I’m struggling with getting a procedural texture to appear or ‘baked’ onto my UVs.

I’ve made a cube, scaled it to the dimesions I want. Unwrapped it, created a procedural wood effect, created a material node path (if that’s what you called it) added an emission shader (I don’t want any light/shadows on the texture) and trued to bake it. But it never works.

I have tried a few things… I’ve added an Image Texture node and selected it when pressing bake but all I get is a black fill within my UV map.

Is what I’m asking possible within Blender? And if so…how on earth do you do it?

Attached is a screenshot of my latest attempt… don’t laugh at my node setup (I’m learning)

Thanks :slight_smile:

If you’re baking from the emission shader, set the ‘bake type’ to ‘Emit’.

From other closures, you can set the bake type to the closure you want to bake (diffuse, glossy, etc), and bake only the ‘color’ pass (direct and indirect will bake illumination).

And you need to add an image texture node to the node setup pointing to the target texture, thought it doesn’t need to be connected to anything.

As for future questions in the support area, please don’t crop your screenshots and whenever it’s possible attach a blend file that show the problem you’re facing. Not only will make it easier for the others to replicate the problem on their machines, as you’ll get a faster and more precise answer.

addtional,the added image texture node has to be selected as active node,before pressing the bake button.

the good old blenderguru tutorial is still valid

Many thanks Secrop, I’ll give it a go.
Also thanks for the additional info regarding cropping and adding .blend files, much appreciated.

Cheers pixelgrip, I had tried that before but maybe I need to revisit it :slight_smile:

Well it worked, much obliged for the advice Secrop & pixelgrip. Thank you.