Procedural texture placement ?

Ok i have this so far and i wanted to add some scratches to the sharp edges of the pump… thing is i am trying to figure out if i am going about this the right way. How do i get a procedural texture to appear on only certain areas on a material, what i had to do was create a new material and assign only the corner faces to the new material and then assign the texture to that material… hence the error with the raymir in the render!(I just forgot to activate raymir for the other green material) Basically my pump has 4 materials, blue, green, blackI and chrome, i now had to add another green and assign the corner faces to it and then apply the texture to that material…is there an easier way to achieve this result? Also is there a way i can get a procedural texture to show up in the UV editor? It only seems to allow me to load a picture. Hope you guys get what i mean, i have only been using blender for 4 months.

Thanks for the help

uh hello? anyone?

You could use nodes and a vertex color channel.

Create a node material for the entire object.

Paint a black and white vertex color map.

Mix the materials in the nodes, use the geometry node and use the vertex color output to the fac. input of the mix node.

Also is there a way i can get a procedural texture to show up in the UV editor?

The UV Editor and textured mode currently doesn’t support the drawing of procedural textures.

There is a tutorial called ‘making a planetoid’ in my signature ( the first link ) . It is similar to what CD suggested, but a bit more in depth.

there is a tutorial on Blender Nation or maybe BlenderMag about scruffing up edges and adding scratches.

You would define a UV texture of just scratches, and put that as a texture channel. It will overlay the procedural color. just be sure to draw an image that uses alpha and is alpha 0 where you want the base procedural colors to show through. See the wiki for more info on UV Texturing. and using multiple Texture channels.