Procedural texture sizing - impossible!!

Please somebody help me before I hang myself.

I am trying to change the scale of a (slightly modified) procedural oak texture (.blend attached.)

It appears that whatever sizes I change the XYZ values to, nothing changes. I want to make the texture smaller on the wooden board mesh, so it appears more detailed.

Actually, I dont understand the XYZ texture scaling anyway - it doesnt appear to make any logical sense but that’s a whole seperate dictionary sized book of pain for another time…

Please help!!

Cheers, Matt.


KS14_TEST.blend (291 KB)

You have to adjust the Size parameter in the Clouds tab in the texture Properties window. And do this after selecting the correct texture you wana size, since you have three procedural textures in use.

Thanks for the advice.

However, when I change the cloud texture size (do you mean noise size?) on the grain texture (there is no cloud on the small rings texture and the large rings texture I have turned off) it makes the white-ish highlights smaller but doesnt change anything else.

All I want is for the oak texture to look uniformly the same size on different sized meshes - I cannot believe you cant globally change the size of a procedural texture!

Anyway, I have made my mesh square and small and added two array modifiers to make it appear the same size. I have then deleted the texture and added a new duplicate texture (which now funnily allows re-sizing!.)

Not a great workaround but at least i’m still alive.

Cheers, Matt.

you can add to the map in panel an object = empty
then you scale the empty in viewport to adjust the texture in scale rotations or location

you should read more about it in wiki page on mapping