Procedural textures and Mapping in World, questions of use.

I’m studying the application of textures like background of World.
My question refers to the procedural textures and their relationship to the mapping coordinates (Mapping). Using procedural texture clouds and activating only Blend sky in World, I get a “sky” with clouds using Global coordinates, Object and View. I know that with Object I can change the positioning of the associate texture to an object (for example an empty).
However, when using tube and sphere, rendered background image appears with a Division in the Middle, a line formed by the mismatch of the two tips of the texture, which revolve around the scene, in the virtual World space. I can’t understand how these coordinates can be used to create a Background in World? Could someone give me a practical example of the use of sphere coordinates and tube for World?
Angmap and Equirectangular coordinates are to be used only with images (of course, if you want to create a strange background, can apply them to a procedural texture)?


Anyone have an example of the use of textures in World mapping coordinates configuration sphere and tube? Some video, text, anything? It’s been something that I give show me how are used and can’t find anything.

are we in bl or cycles here

first of all world means what is all around so my guess if that worrld is always spherical
so forget about cylinder !

Spherical map/latitude-longitude/equirectangular = 360° / dome = 180°

now for the spherical world you can use different type of map

HDRI maps
which can include color or specular map but also light map to act as a source of light for the scene
these use the Environment map type for cycles

Angular map covers usually 360° per 180° to cover the whole sphere
so angular covers not only the sky but also the ground in front of origin

sky map covers with 360° per 90°

for the world you also can add the SKY type which is more like a procedural mapping!

hope it helps

Ok. I agree that the World virtual space is spherical. But why the developers team of Blender put the cylindrical coordinate between the mapping options?. And besides, why put the spherical coordinate, if our initial supposition always consider the World as spherical space?

Yes, what you said above I understand and agree and try to use the way you explained, but you must agree with me that simply forget the existing options do not help us to understand exactly how the Blender works. For some reason these options are there: for excess, by mistake or by use.

Thanks for the help.

can you show nodes set up or where you see this cylindrical mapping ?



i vaguely remember something
i think the cylindrical things
it is a special mode where you can stich images around a cylinder instead of spherical image
make like a panorama pic!

but it is not as good as and HDRI but possible in blender
another trick i guess
serach the wiki for more info or more details

happy bl

I belive that you are right. It’s coordinates tube and sphere works “better” with pics no with procedural textures. Global, view and object works very weel with procedural textures and tube, sphere, angmap, equiractangular with pics. I guess.

I looked in several places, I saw more than two dozen videos and have not found any specific connector using these coordinates. The wiki says only that they work the same way as in meshes! I.e. doesn’t explain anything!!
Thanks for the help.

i never use this option cause i did made parnoramic pic yet !

but look in wiki for panoramic pci
i know it is also use for BGE

hope someone else can clarify this !