Procedural textures and texture baking

I’ve read through the WIKI manual and all the tuts I could find (not many) even searched the forums but I still don’t know what I’m doing. I have a simple goth style fireplace that has been UV mapped. I would like to give it a limestone like texture using procedural textures then bake them so I can bundle everything as a complete product. The procedural textures I sort of understand, its just a matter of playing with a bit more. But nothing I try has worked for baking the textures. The must common error message I get is to the effect ‘No image file available’. I need an Idiot’s Guide to baking tutorial.

You need to make sure you have assigned an image to your UV map before baking. If you are using 2.45 or an earlier version, go to the UV Face Select mode and check if your UV map has an image assigned to it. If it doesn’t have one, create a new one for it in the UV/Image editor.

And if you are on windows (at least in Blender 2.45), you will have to bake the AO first, before you will be able to bake anything else.

Thanks for the help. Finally got it to work. I originally was trying to do everything in Object mode. Once I switched to UV mode it worked. I don’t know if this is the way it is suppose to work, but as long as it does work I’m happy. Now I just need to work on creating a good procedural texture.