Procedural textures: rust on bottom?

I’ve been doing a lot of experimentation with procedural textures and I’m running into an issue when trying to create procedural rust near the bottom portion of something. A car door is what i’m working on, specifically. It seems that rust usually collects near the bottom.

Any ideas? I’ve tried using a gradient texture in the vector input of a Voronoi or noise texture it never works for me.

Only near the bottom? You haven’t seen my car then :smiley: I would approach like this:

  1. One shader group to mimic the car paint.
  2. One shader group to mimic the rust.
  3. A mix shader of the two groups with a hand painted mask. You may of course mix Voronoi, Noise, Musgrave, Whatever for the global distribution, but I would still exclude the parts where you don’t want rust to appear manually. Texture generators are great tools, but don’t limit yourself to only them. A rendertime generated mask would most likely become quite complex and spend a lot of trial and error to find the proper positions of the vector inputs.

another way you could assign some faces near the bottom to another material and use rust !

happy cl