Procedural textures

I just read about procedural textures in the documentation and I have a question. I’m trying to find out if there are situations where procedural textures are more appropriate to use or are they jus used before the model is finished to get an idea of what it might look like? Basically…when do most ppl use them and why?


Procedural texture work better if you need a repetitive texture or something for small details and objects that can be quickly changed and managed in blender itself

A full texture allows for smaller details and they can be placed where you want (UVmapping etc).

Procedural textures are easier to use and dont require outside programs like the gimp etc to manage etc.

Using procedural over normal texture is usually for areas that require little detail et a repetitive style. (clouds, wood, marble (procedual give awesome marble!)) PLay around with them and if you are not happy find a texture to download.

Not sure if this is very clear though

So basically they’re for textures that aren’t meant to have a lot of variations in detail like realistic human skin does.

That was perfectly clear ;). Much thanks.

Well human skin can be done in procedural textures too. It is even recommended I believe to use procedural because one of its advantage is thats its not repetitive. But doing human skin in procedural is something that takes time to master (you can do just about anything given enough skill)
Experiment with them (I learned how to used them jsut from experience. Well Blender is self taugh on my part :stuck_out_tongue: me, my pc, the manual and the world wide web…its incredible what one can do these days)

Procedural textures are very usefull:

-> for metal, plastic, stones and such stuff. You will get very good results with procedural textures for these materials.
-> if you don’t need closeup photorealism (e.g. sand, wood, snow, vegetation from far distances)
-> if you need variations on an image texture
-> for some interesting special tricks with lighting, texture blending and the like
-> for 3D-Textures, e.g. if you need a piece of wood from top and side view (even if cut very complicated)

And probably for a lot of other things, that I even can’t dream of…

Sounds like playing with procedurals is going to be fun :smiley: . Thnx for the info guys.

Cog is one of the procedural texture kings.

One other tip, sometimes the best way to texture is using procedurals in combonation with image textures. You can use the image texture to provide the fine detail where you want it, and procedurals to randomize it.