Procedural textures

Is there a way to use procedural textures directly in the game engine, without bake them on images?


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Hmm, hold on! Martinsh was able to add clouds based on procedural functions, if other colors can be used or even clouds inside those clouds you could have something close to it. But only GLSL, and possibly a bit GPU intensive/ or not!

Hold on.
You can’t acheive this directly in-game.
However, provided that you could get an application that will communicate over UDP or serial, or something, you could have an external application create the texture based on your seed etc, and load it using videptexture

Oh, I think I see what you mean. Sure, it’s possible.

  1. Use a GLSL shader script to render / make the texture, you know… Procedurally.
  2. Use nodes to modify the texture based on different coordinates. Someone did an example where they faked a whole mountain range with just a plane - the 3D mountains were completely in GLSL nodes.
  1. Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about… more or less…
  2. Err, that wasn’t nodes, it was a vertex shader, relief shader to be precise! You need a normal map and a texture map at least to do it!
    Now mapping procedural textures via video texture, in real time? That’s a bit… heavy!