Procedural Tile Shader ~ FREE DOWNLOAD

This is a 100% procedural grungy tile shader, with approximately 200 nodes in total. This was a blast to put together, and I hope you guys like it! :smiley:

Let me know your thoughts below :slight_smile:

The shader is available for free download here:

(More pics in comments)

Here it is on Art Station, with higher res pics.

Looks good! i Think i’ll try it out.
How do you change the amount of the glossynes? Do i have to go inside the node-group?

@animelix I’ll be honest, I forgot to set that up… The glosiness has several factors, but a math node set to multiply shoved in there should work just fine…

Wow. That is one crazy setup.

I greatly appreciate the hard work you put in for this.

Amazing, thank you !

@OldMan johnson @Kingof Speed Thanks guys!! :smiley:

Thanks for this! I am really excited to check it out!