Procedural triangle expanding + deforming

Hi . I am trying to create a texture that shows kind of a topography in my ground plane, just visually.

The first step is to create a triangle with rounded corners with nodes. Then I would like to offset it multiple lines and deform it while it grows. I imagine the deformation can be done with a noise plugged in a mix rgb and the lines created. The noise should probabbly be driven by a circular gradient in order to not affect the center as much as the outer borders.

Do you think its possible to create it procedurally? I could also do it in illustrator, but the doing it procedurally will be nice in terms of flexibility. I would like to pick how many lines I have and also their thickness.

Do you have any tip at least on how to start ?

Thank you

I gave it a shot and this is what I came up with:

The node group is basically a primitive signed distance function for an equilateral triangle and then there is some radial noise mixed in to create the distortion. Though the regular noise works as well.
The mixing factor is driven by the distance to the triangle so the inner one is unaffected, like you suggested. It can be controlled by the Map Range node.

Here’s the .blend-file, if you wanna play with it :slight_smile:
procedural_rounded-triangle.blend (995.8 KB)

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This is insanely great I am not sure how did you manage to do this so fast. I explored the nodes a bit.

I would like to be able to add more lines…not to scale it. But having more lines. Also is it possible to tweak the thickness of the lines? I found a group within a group but I do not see values where to input

Thank you so much

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Looks pretty cool. :slightly_smiling_face:

The number of lines can be changed with the value in the Modulo node (first math node after mixing in the noise) and the line thickness is controlled by the Epsilon value in the Compare node right after the Modulo node.

You might also wanna adjust the Map Range node a bit to accommodate the tighter line spacing.

I was kinda lucky that things just worked out on the first try. Usually I have to troubleshoot and rethink things quite a bit until they work…

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Great! Those were the parameters I was looking for.
I am glad you like it! It really improved the composition (your node).

It felt bit boring with the plane blue…

How did you get into nodes? Is it just having fun or you have a background with math ?

Yeah, it’s mostly for fun after seeing all the cool stuff people come up with for nodevember.
Most node related stuff I picked up from what people share on youtube/twitter and this this forum. Browsing the material support category here on BA for topics just like this one and attempting them yourself teaches you a lot!

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All my respects for you learning that way. I find it hard to understand when to use math …like how did you come to the Module option and knowing it will give you that outcome…Really thank you so much

It really improved my scene.

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