Procedural Volume mapping along a curve

I’m trying to make a distorted energy beam along a curve, so x/y will be the cross section, and then have z mapped along the curve itself, but I can’t figure it out.

Is it possible?


Can you please clarify your question and maybe attach some screenshots of how you see it?


So ideally I want to make this kind of volumetric shader along a path with a bevel:

To make an cylinder that runs through it, I’ve used a vector length of the Vector with one of the axis removed followed by a vector compare:

But because this is using the object coordinates this won’t follow the curve:

You can use geometry nodes to compute a coordinate frame based on the nearest point on a curve, but using this for shading requires a lot of memory, as ( I think) your are bound to the volume resolution:

(version 3.5.1)
volumetric_path_3.5.1_v01.blend (1.0 MB)