procedural walking

Ok… well if been thinking long about it, there is a game “grow home”, from which the creators say it got procedural walking. Like there is no man’s skye (a procedural endless universe) and spore (endless procedural creatures)
Grow home’s main figure doesnt use a walking cycle.
Based upon direction, speed, turn speed, ground, feet are placed.

I wonder how hard this possible could be to code in blender. (i did code robotics but not coded inside blender)
First as tech demonstrator i need to code some basic pyhton tips for this

I think, this mainly has to do with central mass point of gravtiy of the figure
(i dont think blender has that so lets simply use origin + half height of figure.)

I need a way to tell the forward speed of an object and its direction (as compared to previous frame/time)
How to retrieve such info ?

Need way to tell rotational speed (walking turns) ?

A way to scan the ground… (need to know where the floor is), its easy on flat floors but think of stairs and slopes too.
Later optionally detect its max angle so we wont walk on walls.

Control Bones of armature

  • i’m thinking of event / goal based coding (state machine) walk cycle (or perhaps fuzy logic).
    because i think that is procedural walking (ea no pre-programmed walk cycle, but code that moves by detection environment). Or do you think its something different ??. (let me know).

i’m doing this callout here so if you can give me some tips in this area, that i can study, since i have little coding experience with blender (i’m more into c++ / c# but no experience with blender’s code base, so i’m not going deep in, and thus python it is also fairly new to me but i know about 10 code languages so how hard could that be.
But any help is greatly appreciated.

the reason why, someone has to do it :slight_smile: