Procedural WIP

Hello, I guess yu could say I’m new around here but I’ve been watching the development of Blender for quite some time now. This kinda started as a test of lighting and procedurals and is kinda growing into what can I get the internal renderer to do. :slight_smile: Now that the base is prettymuch finished I’m going to move onto adding some detail objects to add more interest to the image.

sooo… here it is so far :slight_smile:

The lighting looks very realistic.
I guess the material is supposed to be metal. But it looks somehow strange, as if a subtle frost layer was on it.

Very interesting image, what exactly is this supposed to be anyway.

It actually looks like wet stone to me. It has a very nice sense of light and texture.

To me it looks like rusty metal. I like how the specularity is different in the rusted areas.

Very nice, reminds me of the base on the Broadside map in the good ol’ Tribes days. I agree with everyone else about the texture of the object and the lighting surrounding it. Makes it look like wet polished stone in the fog. Nice atmosphere also.

I’m not sure what to critisize on, the render is kind of abstract I guess you could say. I like it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments. a little update, just added a ship for placeholder until I get around to doing a decent one. and I tweaked the lighting slightly because i felt the fill light was a little tooo blue.

@Kansas: the object is nothing really, just a shape I threw together to give the texture and light something to work on.

@everyone else: I guess i created the unknown material :slight_smile: I was originally thinking maybe some form of metal when I started but it kida morphed and now it’s more of just does it look good on the object.