Procedural workflows?

Hello all!

Lately I have been investing some time in Houdini as I bought the indie license a while back, sadly I can’t use it in the production I am currently in as the team pressed some concerns about the commercial limitations on the license.

So, thus I am ending up with Blender as I can’t afford to get the proper master license for 4,500 USD at the moment. So, my question is, if I want similar procedural functionality in Blender such as being able to create tons of different iterations quickly and create level building tools with the help of curves and so on, is there any plugin that can help me do so with nodes within Blender?

Or is my only option to get familiar with Python?

I do not need the functionality that Houdini Engine offers, but that most certainly would be a big bonus!

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Edit: Oh, I have been interested in Fabric Engine but that seems to not be available for Blender in any foreseeable future if I understood it correctly?

You can look at Sverchok and animation nodes addons. They are both node based, one geared more towards geometry creation and modification and the other towards motion graphics and animation uses.