ProceduralBuildingGenerator - blender addon for creating proceduraly generated buildings

I’ve been working on this project as a part of my bachelor’s thesis.
It’s currently in early stages, full of bugs, highly unstable and held together by the power of friendship.


This project uses mostly bmesh operators to create the buildings
In a way, it simply automates the workflow i would use to create such buildings
There is a large number of parameters that you can change to modify the final result
The buildings are inspired by secession style buildings, often found in european cities.

Example result(achieved using default parameters, and minor manual normal fixes)

Project page:
Issue tracker:


Nice… I’ll be keeping an eye out for the 2.8 version.

Oooh, that looks really interesting. Using this in conjunction with Scene City from Arnaud Couturier would probably be awesome. :slight_smile: Yeah, also a 2.8 version would be awesome. xD

I’ll have to check it out anyways. :slight_smile: thanks.

Really cool addon, tested it a little bit. :slight_smile: This could be very useful when it’s done. It’s already well under way. :slight_smile: keep ut the great work.


I can’t find PBG on Toolbox.

Which version of blender and which operating system are you using?

May 22 version 2.8.71
windows 10 pro

This addon currently does not support blender version 2.80
Support for blender 2.80 will be added once it is stable and released.
The addon has been tested with the latest stable release (2.79b)

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Oh I’m missing it . sorry.

ok, i’m waiting

Can we create gallery infront of the windows. Is there any option. Thanks for the addon

Some video demos would be helpful.