I found a wooden material but I’m not able to use it

says in the manual:
Warning: Always apply the scale (CTRL + A). The texture is always facing the Z axis (Go in edit mode and rotate all the faces).

What does that mean ?


When you make an adjustment in object mode, it changes the location, rotation, and scale of your object. Thing is, a lot of mesh and sculpting features expect your object to be 0 on rotation, and 1 on scale to work properly. For that reason, it’s usually a good idea to reset your location and scale with CTRL-A in object mode before you start tinkering with the mesh itself.

And it sounds like the texture expects to be placed on a surface that’s facing upwards. Applying it to something that’s facing horizontally might give you stretched or guffed up results.

this part of CTRL-A in object mode I already did

but you still can’t use the texture

what does the second part mean:
The texture is always facing the Z axis (Go in edit mode and rotate all the faces).


Drop a plane into your scene. It’s default orientation is facing the z axis.

it still didn’t work

you have tutorial

Let me grab the material. See what I can do with it.

it’s on the link:

GitHub - clarkx/ProceduralWood: Wood procedural texture node for blender 3d

i want to use the wood texture in another file

I appended the material into a scene, and applied it to a plane. Seems to be working pretty alright from what I’m seeing. The material itself is called “cube.”

Though it’s not the most efficient texture in the world. It slowed my computer to a crawl when I tried previewing the included scene.

I understood

I was doing a copy / paste for my scene
and so it wasn’t working

thank you so much

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