processing and AA?


I’ve noticed people mentioning processing in some posts regarding finished renders. Does this relate to eliminating that kind of anti-aliasing edge-bleed you sometimes get on completed images? What kind of processing is being referred to?

I would really appreciate your thoughts.

Thank you very much,


Sometimes. Post processing can be done internally in Blender via the Nodes Compositor or externally with programs like Gimp, Photoshop, Shake, etc.
Using Blender’s compositor will allow you to control the look and feel of your fine output without having to go external to get what you’re looking for in a wide variety of scenarios. You can get other effects from other software that are not possible in Blender but it’s a WHOLE lot more work. I mostly stay in Blender’s compositor unless I just want to batch process specific Photoshop filters and custom actions or if I want a specific 2D effect from After Effects. There’s a very nice section in the wiki concerning post production effects and techniques written mostly, if not entirely by Papa Smurf I believe. It’s not all encompasing but then no documentation ever is.

As far as that edge bleed you referred to, removing that is not always an easy task. It really just depends on the source of the problem. Often it takes a lot of experimentation with AA filter types & sizes and some work with composite nodes to try and reduce the signature in the alpha channel (it can never be totally removed and is always present to some extent…it’s just the nature of the beast).

Thank you very much RB. I appreciate it.