Processing is hot

Hi , i just started to learn programming in processing.

I am a creative person i’ve never liked coding , but processing is coding oriented to artists , is much more simple than normal coding , and with very few lines of code you can do very "complex stuff "

So i just wanted you to know this program exists , is opensource , it does realtime ,2d ,3d , generative , interactive stuff.

I think its prettty cool.

Its similar to vvvv, puredata , max/msp , or eyesweb.

But somehow it seems to be more atractive to me , altough i think a “conecting boxes” aproach would be easier for a graphic artist.

You should see some stuff done in processing in vimeo here :


looks interesting! is there some documentation so i can learn it?

yes man , there are 4 book on it , here : on the main page , the blue one and the ones witht the circles are good ones :smiley:

there is also this video on vimeo : :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve never could code , it was so difficult to me , but with processing in a couple of days i’ve done allready 2 interactive mini aplications , it is very powerfull , opensource and easy to learn.:yes: