Processor problems

I have a question i am currently using speed fan to monitor my pc’s temps, now i am not overclocking yet, but my processor read out is high, i have a AMD athlon 3500 + and its reading at 49 (celsius) idle, and when im pushing it ive gotten to 62, but now for the tricky stuff, ive messed around with some fans and shut, and even completely turned them of for 5 minutes, and the temp on my processor doesn’t heat up, could there be a problem with my motherboard sensor or what could it be? and suggestions would be helpful thanx :slight_smile:

I’m surprised your processor still works seeing as though you turned it off for 5 mins… That will seriously degrade your processor’s life span now if it’s not killed already.

Try using the Temp moniter in your bios etc… i.e. hit delete on boot up…

However, from a retail package (i.e. basic procesor fan) 40 odd C for temp is normal… most processors can withstand around 80-90+ nowerdays, 60 is still common on some cheaper models i believe, or out dated ones… 40/50 is possible on really old processors.

Your sensor probabily has a limit to what it can read… hence why it cant go up anyhigher than X ammount…

i only push my to 30

that isnt hot, but it is warmer than normal.

you should be able to get a 200mhz oc on it (2ghz right?). yours will be lower than mine because of the 1mb of cache on the chip.
download cpu z and send me a screenshot of the main screen and ill see if your voltages are out of wack. if you oc, dont pump more voltage into it on a stock fan.

i have stock amd air cooling on my amd 3200+ and it idles around 38c and loads up to about 47c, overclocked to 2.6ghz from 2ghz,

the sensor has a limit but you will not reach it.
turning off your fan isnt good, but you shouldnt do any damage because it should shut off before a breach.

dippmaster: you got water cooling or peltier/phase change?

the temperature sensors can show temperatures of about 200 C , procesors usualy shut down at a certant temperature (usualy shutting the system too) , i also had a problem with my duron1300 processor , it had reached 100C :stuck_out_tongue: , so I had to change the cooler :expressionless:

If you have a good Heatsink, and reasonable case circulation, turning the fan off is not an issue. My X2 does 29-34 degrees idle, 42 under heavy load, or 44 with no fan under load. The problem is that with no fan the chipset isn’t cooled, so I don’t use that for extended periods.

Gigabyte G-power cooler.

So if your heatsink is decent I’m not surprised that the temp doesn’t rise. All that shows is that the fan sucks (in the non good way!)


Do you have Cool 'n Quiet enabled?



You are still running at 2.2Ghz while browsing the web though?


Speed fan says that im not

your voltage is too high.

you should be at 1.375, not 1.4. adjust it in your bios and disable cool n quiet.
no it wont be hot and loud.

ok my only problem with that is that i can’t change voltage in my bios i have my bios up to date and it doesn’t have the option

what motherboard do you have? it may be hard to find but it should be there
can you disable cnq at least?

yes i can, but it doesn’t unlock more options i have a

MSI - RS480M2/RX480M2 (7093)

Nevermind i figured out why it was running hot, i had upgraded my bios to 3.8 and thats what did it i just restored my original bios and im back down to 35 idle