Procreate 5.2

The upcoming procreate version will have 3D-painting capabilities.
It remains to see what limitations there might be, but this really poked my interest.

And for me, with an late 2017 iPad Pro model it will be interesting to see if it will run somewhat of free. The new upcoming Pro will have the M1 chip, and seem to have promising performance.

Anyone else looking forward to this l?


I’m excited. I prefer the size of the Mini, it fits in my pockets, so I’m wondering if it’s up to it. I remember it struggled with Forger at times.

Also, I’m curious how it’s going to handle painting on different parts of the object. They made an odd choice for the promo image, it’s a skate board with the deck painted beneath the trucks. How did they paint beneath the trucks? If it’s a single obj, I can’t imagine how, without some more involved work in the source app that then communicates in Procreate as layers. I think soon we’ll miss the days of a minimal Procreate, but they are exceptional with their UI and UX.

Anyways, this and m1 on iPad, and Forger being acquired is exciting stuff for creators.

Yeah, it was bought by Maxon, right?

I hope they help the dev out with the UI, procreate and forger are on opposite sides of the spectrum lol. I doubt it’ll be like mini C4D but anything’s possible.

Damnit, I’m gonna have to buy an iPad again, aren’t I?


My thoughts exactly, haha! :sweat_smile:

The new iPad pro looks stellar. But for that price I’ll get a RTX 3080?

Darn dang it.

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The thing is pretty much a current gen M1 Macbook Air/Pro in a tablet form factor. The fact that an iPad can now run full Blender at speeds comparable to traditional laptops is just mindblowing to me.


Yup - if they would put MacOS on the M1 iPadPro :slight_smile:

Sigh. If only…

On the plus side, the latest iOS rev finally got around to lifting the RAM restriction on iPad apps. It doesn’t make any sense to limit your software to a 6GB ceiling when your machine has 32 or 64GB available to it.


I think that their decision to keep the iPad iOS based makes sense.

Maybe at one pint they will für iOS and MacOS into one OS but I doubt

They run at least on the same hardware so development for desktop or iPad should be fairly similar.

At this point, iOS should just be the touch-centric version of MacOS. The only difference should be the interface. Everything under the hood should be exactly the same otherwise.