Prodecural Programming?

ok, so i found a site about this game that somebody is making (looks very good site found here). but anyway to the point.
He says somthing about making the universe be generated on the fly by somthing called “Procedural Programming”

Procedural universe: procedural programming is a technique to let the computer generate the game universe on-the-fly, in real-time on request, rather than manually building everything. Because of this, the generated universe can be absolutely huge. In Infinity, billions of worlds, most of them never explored by any player, are awaiting the adventurous soul.
and i was just wondering if it possible for the BGE to do this, or ever it will be possible to do this. thanks!

It is possible to make a python script for blender which creates the universe. Not sure if it is possible in game with BGE.

Hmm… that would require a great deal of code rework. I don’t think it is possible to do in the current BGE.

so if the devs work hard at it and all the scripters were to make a script it would be possible?