Producing a DVD from a Blender Animation?

Ok have done an animation in blender and rendered it out to frames using the “PAL 16:9” Setting put it all together in QTPro/Aftereffects and Produced a DVD using IDVD on the mac but i have had some problems :frowning:

First the sides of my movie are missing even though the hole animation is inside the safe zones? i resolved this by placing a Black border around the movie to compensate.

then i noticed the movie was squashed even though when i played it on my MAC it was not? I fixed this by changing the Pixels to rectangle instead of square in AF but this meant it was distorted on the Mac but worked on the TV?

it all played fine on my Wide screen TV though a standard DVD player and also worked on a HD TV though a standard DVD Player, But when i tried it on a HD TV with a HD Player it displayed like it did on the mac, all squashed?

What setting should i be using to get an wide screen 16:9 animation from blender to play on a TV though DVD and a PC/HD TV without getting distorted?


I am not professional but I show all my animations on a home theater system with 80 inch diagonal screen so my settings look pretty good.

I render to NTSC which is size X = 720, size Y = 480, Asp X = 10, Asp Y = 11, Frs/sec=30. I render to jpeg with quality = 100%. I then bring the image sequence into Vegas video as a NTSC DV aspect ratio = 0.98 something and frame rate = 29.9 something and render to NTSC DV and add in sound and render to NTSC DV and then burn that to a DVD in mpg2 format.

But I usually do widescreen so in Blender I pick the NSTC button but change AspX to 40 and AspY to 33. I then import the rendered frames into Vegas as 720 x 480 with aspect ratio = 1.212 something and then render to NTSC DV widescreen. It looks really good on my 80 inch screen and even better on a smaller television but I would be interested to hear if others had better render settings and methods.

The blender settings are just fine. I think you might have done something wrong in After Effects. Make sure the after efffects project has the correct PAL settings, you know, in the composition properties (720x576 pixel aspect ratio pal dv widescreen).

Your dvd program should also have the same settings.

Lastly, check out your dvd and hd players options, and you tv options, because if everything rendered with the proper settings in the computer, the error must be in the options of the output equipment.

Are you sure all of your players and TVs are capable of displaying PAL movies??

If you are not, try to make an NTSC render and see what happens. Maybe your DVD player supports PAL but your HD Player does not.