Producing (High Quality) 360° Videos for Youtube

I have some 360° renders which are waiting to be compiled into Youtube videos. Currently, I have no idea what video-editing software to use, as it would require rendering in quality of over 8k.

What video-editing software can I use to compile large images into a video?
(Preferably free, or not too expensive.)

Blender itself can create videos from your renders image sequences
, as for the 8k I’m sure in the settings you can set it up for 8k.

edit -I just checked this for you in blender with a simple moving box and using quicktime as the render settings with a 8k res it produced a working video.
In all truth I can’t personally see the reason for a 8k render as not many people viewing have 8k screens.

When watching 360 video,only part of the video is visible at any one time. To get a full hd frame, the source must be well over 4k.

If you’re looking for free and don’t need anything fancy, just use blender.

Thank you for clearing that up for me. x

Okay, looks like I will be rendering it in Blender.