Product animation / visualization

I’m considering how I might turn my hand to product animation / visualization (ie. any product under the sun; I don’t intend to specialize in any particular products), and perhaps start offering it as a service.

I’ve trawled the www, and am continuing to do so, for guides on how to approach product animation / visualization (esp as someone who has no previous experience of it), and am picking up some hints-n-tips. I wondered whether anyone on Blenderartists could also help by offering guidance ? (on the best ways of building a portfolio from scratch; work-flow / technicalities; approaching potential clients; advertising; costing / charging; building up a client base; project management; etc).

Thank you very much, in advance, to anyone who can help direct me

This will take minimum one year of hard work

Thanks, Kramon. Yes, I’m aware that it’ll take a lot of hard work over a considerable period of time. If you can give me the benefit of your experience, I’d appreciate it. Thank you. A

You have to just learn a programs and that is a true story… there is no magic in this.

You have learn Photoshop then you start learning Blender or some other 3D program when you will learn it. You start doing works to your portfolio… when you will have really good level of works… you create profile on behance or other sites like that. And start promote yourself you, try to get to some studio little for start… after some work you go to better studio…

there is a lot of great series tutorials on blender cookie.

Watch some of the Andrew Kramer tutorials on how to do products in After Effects
The basic animation techniques will transfer to Blender.