Product Coupons for Product Reviews

I’m starting up a new site that currently has a small collection of several African flora and fauna assets. With such a limited collection of assets (less than 10) my current market scope is small and as a result, I’m looking at options for building reputability amongst my visitors without conversions.

Bearing this in mind I’ve decided to trade coupons for reviews and what better place to do that than with the community that is most fit to benefit from the assets.

The three products I’m posting coupon codes for follow,

  1. Baobab Tree with loopable swaying animation
    Available Coupons x4
    Baobab Tree (Digital 3D Model) – RabbitMacht
    Coupon Code: C6TMR5RE

  1. Rigged Buck (not animated)
    Available Coupons x3
    Buck (Digital 3D Model) – RabbitMacht
    Coupon Code: 8HFVCM8F

  1. Zebra with run cycle
    Available Coupons x2
    Zebra (Digital 3D Model, Blender) – RabbitMacht
    Coupon Code: 6XY638W2

The coupons are for a 100% discount per product, that’s a total of USD279 in coupons and you get to keep the models forever!
I’m relying on your honesty here, not just in terms of the review but also in that you actually do write the review once you have used the coupon.
The coupons expire on Sunday 20th Dec 2020

Happy reviewing!