Product Desk: Lamp

This work was inspired by a table lamp that I have in my room. The initial idea was to recreate only the object, but over the course of the project, I felt the need to add the object to an environment. I worked with textures and materials as close to realism as possible, such as dust, fingerprints, stains and scratches. I felt inspired and enjoying what I was seeing, I decided to create a short video recreating the advertisement of a product, and it was the first time that I edited a video of this style. I also decided to make a short video to show the ambience. This project took a while to be done due to the elements that I added as I felt the need to enrich the final result of the project, and that was a negative point because I had to leave some details aside, and I could have done more if the scope was smaller.

Ambient Video

Product Video

The references of my table lamp:

Soundtrack: Eddy - Lish Grooves (Ambient Animation) / Hindsight - Density & Time (Product Design Video)