Product Development is blender the app for me?

Hey everyone,

I am looking to start up a small company based around a product idea, however i am lost where to start in getting my idea to a design that could be shown to factories. i was wondering if blender is the right app for me to bring my idea to life. i have linked a few images below and was wondering if these products were drawn up in Blender or another program?

It’s pretty impossible to tell if these where done in Blender. What’s certain is that they can be done in Blender without any problem. Furthermore I’d like to hint you in printing out actual 3D prototypes for your presentations. Again achievable with Blender.

Edit: This holds true, if you are just looking for the visualization side of things. If you are interested in the actual engineering aspect, a tailored CAD- Application might be more appropriate.

If you are planning to get something like this produced, go with “Fusion 360” from Autodesk. - It´s a solid modeler and lets you create models, that are virtually production ready. You can get a free license if your startup makes less than 100k a year.
However Blender is a great tool to create those promotional images you require to present your design and the Cycles renderer is far superior to the one in Fusion360.